Visiting Swaziland

Africa map Swaziland is located in south eastern Africa, bordered by South Africa on the north, west and south, and Mozambique on the east.

Information about visa requirements for visiting Swaziland can be found on the Hotels and Tourism Association of Swaziland website (

Swaziland Border Gates

Information on Visa Requirements and a list of Consulates is available on the Hotels and Tourism Association of Swaziland website.

Opening and Closing Times for Border Gates, Swaziland: (updated March 2009)

Swaziland South Africa/ Mozambique Opening/Closing times
Matsamo Jeppe's Reef 07h00-20h00
Mananga Border Gate o7h00-18h00
BulembuJosefsdal 08h00-16h00
Lomahasha Namaacha07h00-20h00
MhlumeniGoba Fronteira24hours
Ngwenya Oshoek07h00-24h00
Lundzi Waverley08h00 - 16h00
GegeBothashoop 08h00-16h00
Swaziland Map

Map of Swaziland
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Swaziland Map

Swaziland Map

    King Sobhuza II Park

  • (+268) 2416 1179, 2416 1489
  • (+268) 2416 1875

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    Swaziland National Trust Commission Headquarters

  • Swaziland National Museum
    P.O. Box 100
    Lobamba, Mbabane
  • (+268) 2416 1489/1179