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(pp/pn = per person per night)

Malolotja Nature Reserve

Tariffs as at November 2011, for updates contact malolotjares@sntc.org.sz or phone +268 7613 3990.

For group rates and conference rates, please contact us.

Local E22 (adult)
E11 (children 4-12)
children under 4 free
Non-resident E30 (adult)
E20 (children 4-12)
children under 4 free
Annual Entry Permit E275 (single)
E330 (family)
Log cabins (5 x 4 bed & 8 x 5 bed)
(entrance fees included)
E400 (minimum charge)
E250 pp/pn (adult)
E120 pp/pn (children 5-12)
children under 4 free
Camping (Main Camp) E80 pp/pn (adult);
E40 pp/pn (child 4-12)
children under 4 free
Backpacking (Overnight Hiking) E50 pp/pn (adult)
E25 pp/pn (children 4-12)
children under 4 not permitted

Mlawula Nature Reserve

Tariffs as at February 2008, for updates contact mlawulares@sntc.org.sz or phone +268 2383 8885.

Entrance Fees/Day Visits
Local E25 (adult)
E13 (children)
Non-resident E30 (adult)
E20 (children)
Mapelepele Cottage E570 for the first 4 people (per night)
extra people E170 pp/pn
Siphiso Camp Ground E70 pp/pn + entrance fee (adult);
E30 pp/pn + entrance fee (child)
Check in time on arrival day 11 am to 6 pm
Check out time on day of departure - before 11 am.
Additional charges of E60 per group and/or booked individuals who stay after the departure time.
Fishing Permit E20 per fishing rod

Magadzavane Lodge

Rates as at March 2014. Please confirm rates when you book. For updates, contact magadzavane@sntc.org.sz or phone +268 2343 5108/9.
Rates per person Single Double 3rd & 4th person
Bed & Breakfast E470 E798 E225
Self-catering room only Please enquire.
24 hour Conference Rate E875 E1500 E499
All rooms are quoted per person per night. Rates quoted exclude VAT/GST. A maximum of 2 children under the age of 6 sharing with 2 parents are accommodated free of charge.
Children's Meal Prices
0 - 5 years of age - No Charge
6 - 12 years of age - 50% of full meal rate
13 years and older - Full meal rate
Venue Hire 0-20 people - E500.00
21-40 people - E800.00
41-80 people - E1200.00
Breakfast - E80.00 per person
Lunch - E115.00 per person
Dinner - E135.00 per person
Tea/Coffee - E60.00 per person
Day Conference Package E300 per person
Half Day Conference Package E279 per person

Mlawula Environmental Education Centre

Educational Tours
School Groups E5 per pupil per night
E10 per teacher per night
E70 per group (mandatory facility fee)
Student Groups
E6 per student per night
E10 per teacher per night
E70 per group (mandatory facility fee)
Workshops, Social, Entertainment Groups
Entry fee E20 pp/pn
Mandatory Facility Fee E100 per group

Mantenga Nature Reserve

Tariffs as at November 2012, for updates contact mantengares@sntc.org.sz or phone +268 2416 1151.

Cultural Experience
Entrance Fees
International Adults E100.00 p/p
Local Adults E50.00 p/p
Local (Tertiary) E50.00 p/p
International Students E50.00 p/p
Local Students E30.00 p/p
Double (B & B) E720.00
Single Room E450.00
Picnic Sites E50.00 p/p + E100 for the site

National Museum and King Sobhuza II Memorial Park

Tariffs as at November 2012, for updates contact museumres@sntc.org.sz or phone +268 2416 1516 or ksmpres@sntc.org.sz or phone +268 2416 2131.

Admission to National Museum
or King Sobhuza II Memorial Park
Adult E80; child E30 (non-resident)
Adult E10; child E3 (resident)
Admission to both National Museum
and King Sobhuza II Memorial Park
Adult E120; child E40 (non-resident)
Adult E15; child E5 (resident)

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Conservation Information

SNTC Headquarters: Parliament Road. P O Box 100, Lobamba, Swaziland. Tel: (+268) 2416 1516, 2416 1489, 2416 1179. Fax: (+268) 2416 1875, 2416 1480. Email: info@sntc.org.sz
National Museum:
Tel: (+268) 2416 1179, 2416 1875
Fax: 2416 1875
Email: curator@sntc.org.sz
King Sobhuza II Memorial Park:
Tel: (+268) 2416 1179, 2416 1489
Fax: 2416 1875
Email: ksmp@sntc.org.sz
Malolotja Nature Reserve:
Tel/Fax: (+268) 2444 3241
Cell: 7660 6755
Email: culturalvillage@sntc.org.sz
Mantenga Nature Reserve:
Tel: (+268) 2416 1151
2416 1178, Fax: 2416 1480
Email: culturalvillage@sntc.org.sz
Magadzavane Lodge
Mlawula Nature Reserve:
Tel: (+268) 2343 5108/9
Fax: 2343 5111
Email: magadzavane@sntc.org.sz