Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we stay?Mantenga, Malolotja, Mlawula - see Accommodation
Where can we camp?Mantenga, Malolotja, Mlawula - see Accommodation
Is there a restaurant?Mantenga - Swazi River Café
Mlawula: Magadzavane Lodge
How far away is it from the main road?Mantenga - 3 kms from the main road.
Malolotja - on the Piggs Peak road.
Mlawula - 5 km from Simunye-Lomahasha Road
Are there self catering facilities?Malolotja, Mlawula, Mantenga - see Accommodation
Is it necessary to take malaria precautions?Only for Mlawula Nature Reserve. There are no malarial mosquitos in either Malolotja nor Mantenga Nature Reserve.
Can we swim in the river?Mantenga - crocodiles have been seen in the river, so swimming is not advisable.
Malolotja - apart from the Nkomati River, all rivers and streams are free of bilharzia, and you can drink the water, swimming is allowed at your own risk.
Mlawula - there are crocodiles and bilharzia in the Mbuluzi and Mlawula Rivers, so swimming is not advisable. If there has been a good rainy season, and the Python Pool has water in it, it is safe for swimming.
Are there dangerous animals?Yes. Please take normal precautions when walking or camping, there are dangerous snakes in all the reserves, although they very seldom will be seen by visitors.
What can we do?Hiking, backpacking, fishing, birdwatching, camping, picnics, game drives, night drives.
What can we do in the evenings when we are staying at MantengaThe Ezulwini Valley has numerous night spots, and House on Fire is less than 20 kms from Mantenga
What can children do?There are no specific facilities for children. From Mantenga, you can go to Camp Kwena, about 6 kms away.
Can we pay by credit card?Yes.
How do we make bookings?Bookings are made via email or phone. Call number on contact list.
Can we pay with foreign currencies?Only by arrangement.
What is the policy with regard to cancellations?Cancellations for reservations can be made prior to 7 days before the reservation without penalty. If a deposit has been paid, you will be creditted this amount, but we are unable to provide refunds.
How long in advance can we pay?Payment is requested after the reservation has been confirmed.
How do we make a booking?Phone, email, fax, post, or in person at Mantenga. See Bookings.
How do we know that the booking is confirmed?You will receive a reference number by email or fax.
Are there game drives that we can do?Malolotja, Mlawula
Where are the good places for bird watching?All the reserves are excellent for birdwatching.
Who do we contact about bookings, tariffs, visitor information?Contact Us

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