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1920's - photos 51 to 60 of 69.
About the 1920's

143.  Balegane Dip
Photographer: Leo Franklin    Photo Source: Bob Forrester

1920's or 30's. Spectators at dipping day at Balegane
551.  District Office Bremersdorp
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: Swaziland Digital Archives

This was the District Office in Manzini in the 1920s/ 30s. It was the seat of power which the British used for their administration. Manzini was one of the admistrative regions, each was run by a District Commissioner and District Officers. This system lasted from the early 20th century to Independence.
564.  labotsibeni abdicating
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: Stephens family

In 1921 the Queen Mother Labotsibeni Mdluli, known as Gwamile, abdicated in favour of her grandson, Ngwenyama Sobhuza II. Here she bids farewell to the regiments, she lived from 1858 to 1925.
579.  Queen lomawa and some nuns
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: National Archives

The mother of King Sobhuza, Indhlovukazi Lomawa and some children, with a group of nuns in full tropical kit they were almost certainly Catholics and the photo was taken at the royal residence in Lobamba.
580.  Missionary Mala Moe
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: National Archives

Mala Moe was a missionary who started a mission in 1898 near present day Hluti. A woman of very strong character and firm beliefs she became well known in missionary circles. She was part of the Scandinavian Alliance Mission, but was an individual at all times. She had an oxwagon with her name painted in huge letters on the side and used it as a mobile church, preaching from the back. She often gave gifts of salt to people, but only after they had listened to her hellfire and damnation sermons. Here she is teaching the alphabet.
582.  St Marks School
1920s 30s
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: National Archives

Bishop Watts started St Marks School in 1909. Initially it was a handful of students, but it rapidly grew and these buildings were erected. This photo was taken from across the stream on the slopes above what is now the Prince of Wales field.
590.  Car on oxwagon
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: Millin family

This photo shows a car crossing the Usutu River - loaded on the back of an oxwagon and pulled by a large team of approximately thirty oxen.
604.  Pine Valley
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: Dawson family

Pine Valley in the 1920s and thirties. The photo was taken from upstream of Eagle Rock, the stream is the Umbuluzi and Sibebe Rock is in the distance. There is one track faintly visible in the distance, this follows the route of the current road. The photo was probably taken by O Tugwell.
608.  Lobamba Royal residence
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: National Archives

Lobamba Royal Residence in the 1920s. Probably taken by O Tugwell.
610.  Swazi Warrior
Photographer: Sidney Williams    Photo Source: National Archives

An unknown warrior taken in the 1920s by Sidney Williams. Williams was a colonial official who was a friend and trusted advisor of King Sobhuza, there is a school named after him in Manzini.

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