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482.  Warrior King
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: Dawson family

Sobhuza II, Ngwenyama or hereditary King of Swaziland. This photograph is in the same album as his grandmother Gwamile's abdication and might well be the same occasion.
36.  Leopard Kill
Photographer: Mary Kiernan    Photo Source: National Archives

Leopard kill. Believed to be Major Miller (Allister Miller's son) in the centre. 1920's/30's period. Swaziland was rich in wildlife at the time which was almost totally eradicated to make way for cattle grazing. Wildlife was believed to harbour disease that would kill cattle. Killing animals came to have a progressive sporty feel to it. It was part of opening up Swaziland for development.
46.  Femme Fatale
Photographer: Captain Smythe    Photo Source: Smythe family

Swaziland in the 1920's and 30's hosted a motley bunch of colonialists. Here is one on an outdoor excursion, in her bathing suit, with a pistol.
47.  Femme Fatale 2
Photographer: Captain Smythe    Photo Source: Smythe family

Here she is again, but with a rifle.
48.  Three Degrees of Westernisation
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: National Archives

Three Degrees of Westernisation. Early missionaries confused Christianity and civilisation with westernisation. They were unable to comprehend the wone without the other.
51.  Mobile Christianity
Photographer: Unknown    Photo Source: National Archives

Missionaries have been accused of confusing western technology and Christianity
52.  Horse and Helmet
Photographer: Captain Smythe    Photo Source: Annie Smythe

1920's or 30's. Note the pith helmet. Great precautions were taken against heat - a thick strip of red flannel sewn to a shirt over the spine was widely regarded to be most efficacious in avoiding curvature of the spine.
53.  Mbabane, Prince of Wales Oval
Photographer: Mr Murphy    Photo Source: National Archives

Mbabane. A view from (presumably) the current water reservoir across town towards Waterford-Kamhlaba. Note the gums along Allister Miller St extention.
56.  Old Swazi Man
Photographer: Sidney Williams    Photo Source: National Archives

The photographer was sent out to Swaziland to die of TB and lived to be over 100. (Taken in 1920's/30's.)
61.  The British Consulate
Photographer: Joseph Raucher    Photo Source: National Archives

Before the British took over the country, they had a consul in Bremersdorp. (There is also a photo of him leaving at the start of the Boer War.)

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