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Mlawula Nature Reserve

Weir on the Mlawula River

Mlawula Nature Reserve is located in north-eastern Swaziland, between latitudes 26°09'E and 26°20'E and between longitudes 31°56'S and 32°06'S covering an area of approximately 16,500 hectares.

The reserve lies within the transitional zone between two biogeographic regions, the dry thorn savannas of the west, and the moister coastal thickets of the east. The reserve consists of three distinct ecological zones, the Ndzindza plateau, the Siphiso Valley and the rhyolite ridges of the western boundary. Although small, the reserve is contiguous with other protected areas (Mbuluzi and Simunye Nature Reserves, Hlane Wildlife Sanctuary), and other areas of natural vegetation (north bank of the Mbuluzi River, Mhlumeni area, adjacent area in Mozambique).


The Mlawula Nature Reserve area has only ever been sparsely populated, primarily being used for cattle grazing. Prior to the establishment of the reserve, it was divided into cattle ranches on freehold land.

Siphiso Rock Shelter

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