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Python natalensis   
(Southern African Python)
(SiSwati: inhlatfu)

Swaziland Red Data Status: Vulnerable
Southern African Red Data Status: Vulnerable
International Red Data Status: Not listed


Key Features: large, conspicuous snake

Comments: Occurs in the middleveld, lowveld and Lubombo regions, absent from the highveld region. A few unsubstantiated sightings in the highveld have been reported but these have been restricted to the deeper, warmer, larger river valleys.

Riverine forest
Valley bushveld

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Distribution Data Sources:
SNTC Swaziland Biodiversity Baseline Data
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (data accessed in 2016) http://www.gbif.org/
Project Noah www.projectnoah.org/ UCT ADU Virtual Museum (ReptileMap) vmus.adu.org.za/
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Miscellaneous other sources.