PROGRAMMES: Transfrontier Conservation Areas
Songimvelo-Malolotja TFCA

Contributed by Wisdom M D Dlamini, Swaziland TFCA Programme Manager, 2005

The Songimvelo-Malolotja TFCA is located on the South Africa-Swaziland border between Barberton (SA) and Pigg's Peak (Swaziland) and covers an area of approximately 700km², with potential extensions of another 500km². The core of the TFCA is formed by the 49 000 ha Songimvelo Game Reserve (SA) and 18 000 ha Malolotja Nature Reserve (Swaziland) which share a common border. The other identified core areas on the Swaziland side are three protection-worthy areas, namely the Bulembu, Makhonjwa, and Sondeza National Landscapes. The local communities within and around these areas also form part of the initiative. This TFCA is to be incorporated as part of the greater Lubombo TFCA.

The major objective is to collaboratively establish and manage on a sustainable basis a viable transfrontier conservation area with stakeholder participation, including local communities, fostering regional cooperation, biodiversity conservation, and cross-border socio-economic development. This TFCA was formalized in March 2004 by the trilateral Ministerial Committee in Swaziland, making it part of the Lubombo TFCRA.


  • Appointment of TFCA Programme Manager beginning August 2004
  • Reconstitution of Task Team
  • Finalization of Concept Document and Action Plan
  • Held preliminary meetings with stakeholders on future of the TFCA
  • Cooperation on elephant management and control already underway
  • Joint tourism master plan, zonation and management plans are currently under development under the auspices of the Peace Parks Foundation.

Songimvelo-Malolotja TFCA reference documents

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