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Mlawula Environmental Education Programme

To further strengthen the existing efforts of conservation within SNTC, the Mlawula Environmental Education Programme was established under the National Environmental Education Programme). The objectives of the programme are to increase awareness and interest in the environment, address Swaziland specific environmental education problems, understands the laws of nature and devise solutions geared towards sustainable development.

An Environmental Education Centre (EEC) was constructed with financial assistance from USAID and Peace Corps. The EEC serves as a forum for educational talks, workshops, and activities. The Environmental Education Programme (EEP) was initiated in 1994 with work done establishing Yonge Nawe groups in the community schools of kaShewula and Mhlumeni.

The EEP officially began in 1995 and contact was established with fourteen schools in the surrounding area of the reserve. They were targeted according to location, accessibility, poaching communities, and age range. School Outreach consisted of a talk, administration of a survey for the students, and information for the teachers on the development of the programme. The results of the survey were for the purpose of designing the EEP to fit the needs of the community. Through donor funding, the EEP has been able to obtain needed education equipment.

University students on a field trip to Mlawula   University students on a field trip to Mlawula

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