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Malolotja Community Outreach Programme

This programme is intended to improve relations with surrounding communities, to offset the limitations on resource use within the reserve that are inherent in protected area management. The COP officer identifies appropriate community development projects, secures their funding from development agencies, and facilitates their implementation. Some specific areas that need to be addressed are as follows:

Range Management - overgrazing is a constant problem in surrounding areas, and assistance in developing a system of control over grazing pressures would be of tremendous benefit to surrounding communities.

Appropriate reforestation - Fuelwood pressures for heat and cooking fires result in a high rate of deforestation, and the COP should attempt to increase sustainability in this area. This may involve applications of alternative energy.

Medicinal Plant Garden - This is intended to reduce the poaching of traditional medicinal plants inside the reserve, by showing surrounding communities how to provide their own medicinal plants.

Beekeeping - Conditions around Malolotja are excellent for beekeeping, and this may provide a source of revenue for surrounding communities.

Permaculture demonstration garden - In order to promote the type of highly sustainable agriculture known as permaculture, a demonstration garden has been planted at the Environmental Education Centre. The COP officer will be responsible for its management.

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