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Mlawula Community Outreach
Mlawula Community Outreach
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Community Outreach Programme

The role of the Community Outreach Programme is to advise, promote, and facilitate community managed activities that improve their quality of life, while reducing impacts to the environment. If the standard of living of communities is too low, conservation activities will not be considered, and this is part of a vicious circle, as a degraded environment leads to a lower standard of living. In order to promote community based projects, the programme has the following objectives:

(a) to promote/improve relationship between protected areas and surrounding communities;

(b) to facilitate linking communities with donors and other organisations;

(c) to support community activities which achieve the overall objective.

Activities outside reserves might be a reaction to acute need based on environmental reasons

The community outreach programmes are operated from Mlawula and Malolotja Nature Reserves.

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