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Swazi Cultural Village at Mantenga Nature Reserve.

Cultural village under construction

village under construction
Beehive Hut - "siguca thandaza"
Beehive hut and screen
Detail of "boma" (screen) wall, made of reeds ("umhlanga" - Phragmites australis) and held in place with reeds wrapped with "lukhasi" (Festuca costata) rope
Hut doorway with impala skull over the entrance
Detail of hut latticing - rope lattice made from "lukhasi" (Festuca costata), holding in thatching grass (Hyparrhenia spp.)
Grindstone - "umbogodvo"
"Boma" (screen), windbreak sheltering the entrance to a beehive hut
Square huts may or may not have been built in Swaziland before the colonial era.
Elevated hut, to avoid rot - the base is made from "wattle and daub" - mud on wooden framework
Traditional door technology. (Photos: K. Braun)

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