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Our logo is adapted from a painting by Phillip Dlamini, 1998, of a purple crested turaco. In traditional Swazi dress, the red feathers feature in the royal headdress, so this bird illustration is not only a symbol for wildlife conservation, but also of cultural heritage.

Purple crested turaco

Annotated Grasses Checklist - Malolotja Nature Reserve

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Echinochloa crus-galli (L.) P.Beauv.
Barnyard millet  
Found as weed in vegetable patch at Environmental Education Centre. Naturalised from temperate Eurasia.

Oplismenus hirtellus (L.) P.Beauv.

Common in deep shade in indigenous and exotic forests at various altitudes.

Panicum aequinerve Nees

Occasionally found in high altitude rock outcrop areas.

Panicum deustum Thunb.
Reed panicum   Siswati: Indule
In valleys at low and medium altitudes, e.g. middle Malolotja valley, Ngwenya forest area, usually in partial shade.

Panicum ecklonii Nees

Occasionally found in high altitude grasslands.

Panicum hymeniochilum Nees
(P. hymeniochilum var. glandulosum Nees)

One record from edge of Malolotja viei.

Panicum maximum Jacq.
Guinea grass   Siswati: Ubabe
Common in shady areas at low and medium altitudes.

Panicum natalense Hochst.
Natal buffalo grass   Siswati: Lutindzi
Abundant throughout medium and high altitude grasslands.

Sacciolepis curvata (L.) Chase
(S. huillensis (Rendle) Stapf)

Possibly found in Malolotja, collected by Gordon-Gray in Forbes Reef area.

Setaria megaphylla (Steud.) T.Durand & Schinz
(S. chevalieri Stapf ex Stapf & C.E. Hubb.)
Broadleaved setaria  
Locally abundant on forest edges and in woodland, usually at medium altitudes, e.g. Ngwenya forest, middle Malolotja valley.

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