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Game Act
Game Amendment
Flora Protection Act
Wild Birds Preservation Act
Fresh Water Fish Act
SNTC's Objectives and Structure

Legislation relating to the Swaziland National Trust Commission

The SNTC was established by means of the National Trust Commission Act

The SNTC is a parastatal organisation, and as of 199?, all parastatals fall under the Public Enterprises Unit ( PEU Act ). This supercedes components of the SNTC Act, which creates conflicts with regard to objectives as defined under the SNTC Act, and objectives as defined under the PEU Act.

SNTC is also responsible for the implementation of components of various other legislation, such as the Game Act, Flora Protection Act, Wild Birds Preservation Act, Protection of Freshwater Fish Act. The implementation of modern concepts with regard to biodiversity conservation through the establishment of the Swaziland Environmental Authority (SEA Act) has been of particular importance in broadening the scope of activities for which the SNTC is responsible for implementation.

There is an urgent need for all this legislation to be revised and rationalised.

International Conventions:


Convention on Biological Diversity

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