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Species Information

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Ehretia amoena Klotzsch
(name current 2016)


Growth form: Tree
Found within protected areas
Swaziland distribution: widespread
Local abundance: occasional
Other uses

Description (Compton's Flora of Swaziland*):
Ehretia amoena - (Lihungela) Large shrub or small tree up to 4 m high, thinly downy throughout. Leaf-blade broadly oval or round, narrowing below to distinct stalk, up to c 8 cm long x 4 cm wide, blunt or with small point, mostly borne singly on stem. Inflorescences openly forking, many-flowered. Calyx lobes oval, c 2 mm long; corolla lobes spreading, oblong, c 5 mm long, white. Fruits four-lobed, fleshy, scarlet, c 1 cm diam.

* Where species names have changed, these have been matched according to herbarium specimens quoted in this publication.

Included in Tree Atlas.

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