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Photos requiring confirmation of identification:

ASTERACEAE: Helichrysum spp.
If you can assist with the identification of any of these photos, please contact us.

Location: Swaziland highveld (sourveld grassland/rock outcrips).
Helichrysum 20a Helichrysum 20b Helichrysum 22a Helichrysum 22b
Helichrysum 21a Helichrysum 21b Helichrysum 21c  
Helichrysum 23a Helichrysum 23b Helichrysum 24a Helichrysum 24b
Helichrysum 25a Helichrysum 25b Helichrysum 26  
Helichrysum 27a Helichrysum 27b Helichrysum 28a Helichrysum 28b
Helichrysum 29a Helichrysum 29b Helichrysum 33a Helichrysum 33b
Helichrysum 30a Helichrysum 30b Helichrysum 30c
Helichrysum 31a Helichrysum 31b Helichrysum 31c
Helichrysum 32a Helichrysum 32b Helichrysum 32c Helichrysum 38
Helichrysum 34a Helichrysum 34b Helichrysum 35a Helichrysum 35b
Helichrysum 36a Helichrysum 36b Helichrysum 37a Helichrysum 37b

Photos requiring confirmation of identification:
ASPARAGACEAE: Asparagus spp.
ASPHODELACEAE: Kniphofia spp.
ASTERACEAE: Helichrysum spp. 1
   Helichrysum spp. 2
   Helichrysum spp. 3
   Helichrysum spp. 4
ASTERACEAE: Senecio spp.
EUPHORBIACEAE: Acalypha spp.
FABACEAE: Crotalaria spp.
FABACEAE: Eriosema spp.
HYPOXIDACEAE: Hypoxis spp.

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