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Photos requiring confirmation of identification:

If you can assist with the identification of any of these photos, please contact us.

Location: The Gap (savanna/woodland).
Barleria 1a Barleria 1b Barleria 1c
Location: Malolotja Nature Reserve (sourveld grassland).
Acanthaceae 2a Acanthaceae 2b
Location: Mhlambanyatsi (sourveld grassland).
Acanthaceae 3a Acanthaceae 3b  
Location: Mbuluzi Nature Reserve (savanna/woodland).
Barleria 4 Barleria 5  
Location: Lubombo Mountains (woodland/forest).
Barleria 6 Justicia 7  

Photos requiring confirmation of identification:
ASPARAGACEAE: Asparagus spp.
ASPHODELACEAE: Kniphofia spp.
ASTERACEAE: Helichrysum spp. 1
   Helichrysum spp. 2
   Helichrysum spp. 3
   Helichrysum spp. 4
ASTERACEAE: Senecio spp.
EUPHORBIACEAE: Acalypha spp.
FABACEAE: Crotalaria spp.
FABACEAE: Eriosema spp.
HYPOXIDACEAE: Hypoxis spp.

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