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Swaziland's Flora - siSwati Names and Uses

Compiled by Chris Long, © December 2005

Moraea   indlolotsi,
      Household: Ropes for huts
          subsp. albescens
          subsp. moggii
      Cultural: Protective charm.
      Household: Ropes for huts
      Medicinal: Medicinal for infertility. Can be poisonous for stock
      Medicinal: Can be poisonous for stock
      Cultural: Used as love charm.
   capense     iphamba,
      Cultural: Protective & love charm.
   caffra    (Dwaba Berry)  imxope,  libunza,  masweleti,  masweti,  sititane,  umtitane,  umxobhe,
      Cultural: Burial shroud. Magical properties tree - a charm against nightmares.
      Household: Baskets made from young branchlets.
      Medicinal: Roots for venereal disease and to prevent hysteria & deworming.
      Food: Edible fruit
   junodii    (Green-apple)  umkotshi,
      Household: Seeds are used for necklaces.
      Food: Edible hard woody fruit. Some say it is inedible.
   angolensis    (Bushveld Bead-bean)  umenwayo,  ummenwayo,  umvitsi,
      Medicinal: Medicinal but fruit may be poisonous.
   cafra    (Bush Cherry)  untswantswane,
      Food: Edible fruit. Root a chicory substitute.
   edulis    (Blue-leaved Bush-cherry)  inswaniswani,
      Insecticidal: Leaves are pesticidal & aromatic.
      Food: Fruits said to be edible when boiled but has poisonous elements.
   parvifolia    (Dwarf Bush-cherry)  mnogonogo,
      Food: Root has sweet taste. Used a substitute for chicory.
   racemulosa    (Forest Bush-cherry)  idungamuzi elicane,  imphunziso,  umphunzizo,
      Medicinal: Roots are medicinal.
      Food: Food is prepared from the root or bulb.
   rosmarinoides    (Needle-leaved Bush Cherry)  mankhweni,  umzane,  umzawe,
      Cultural: Roots used as good luck charm.
      Medicinal: Medicinal roots.
   flabellifolius    (Resurrection Plant)  vukakulabafile,  vukawemadvwala,
      Medicinal: Medicinal tea from the leaves for gingivititis. Roots strengthen other medicines.
   sericea    (Cork Bush)  umsindzandlovana,
      Cultural: Traditional divining medicine. In use after miscarriages.
      Fodder: Browsed by game and stock
      Insecticidal: Bark contains rotenone. Pesticidal. Used as fish poison.
      Medicinal: Bark as emetic. Used to treat human poisoning.
   coriacea    (Buffalo Bean)  umkhokha,
      Medicinal: An ingredient of some poisons in Haiti and West Africa.
          subsp. coriacea
          subsp. irritans
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