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Swaziland's Flora - siSwati Names and Uses

Compiled by Chris Long, © December 2005

      Food: Edible fruit
   abyssinica    (Spreading Bulbine)  ibhucu,
      Medicinal: Medicinal for burns, wounds, bilharzia & dysentery.
      Medicinal: For burns & wounds
      Insecticidal: Aromatic pesticide
      Household: Aromatic used for soaps and cosmetics.
      Medicinal: Leaf sap for mosquito bites, abrasions, burns, wounds & rashes.
      Food: Edible leaves and stalks.
   volubilis    (Climbing Potato)  gibizisila,
      Cultural: Love charm.
      Medicinal: Medicinal for sore eyes,skin complaints, dropsy, headaches, STDs
   reticulata    (Forest Smilax)  isigoba,  izaza elimhlophe,
      Cultural: Used in love potions
   disticha    (Bushman Poison Bulb)  incumbe,  siphahluka,
      Household: Sour-milk plugs. Decorative body ornaments.
      Medicinal: Hallucinogen. Bulb as antiseptic & pain relief. Poisonous.
Brunsvigia   lilula,
      Medicinal: Straighten child's bones
      Medicinal: Straighten child's bones & treats barrenness in women. Poisonous.
   porrecta     sibhunge,
   ovata subsp. ovata   
      Cultural: Protective charm.
      Medicinal: Medicinal for madness.
   diffusa *   
      Food: Leaves edible when cooked. Roots edible raw or cooked
          var. acuta *
          var. diffusa *
Boscia   siphiso,
   albitrunca    (Shepherd's Tree)  ingwavuma,  ingwavuma-lensikati,  ingwayuma,  umphitsi,
      Cultural: Traditional in folklore and much respected. If wood is burnt only male calves will be produced.
      Fodder: Leaves & twigs are nourishing & nutritious fodder for game and stock.
      Household: Tough, durable wood use for household utensils. Spoons & bowls.
      Medicinal: Leaves & roots used as emetic & epilepsy remedy. Also for haemorrhoids. Bark for women vomiting.
      Food: Edible leaves & roots for beer & coffee substitute. Fruit used for juice.
   foetida    (Smelly Shepherd's Tree)  ingcotho,  umpheme,  umphisi lomncane,
      Cultural: Medicinal & magical properties protect against lightning.
      Food: Roots for porridge or coffee substitute. Edible fruit.
          subsp. filipes
          subsp. rehmanniana
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