Swazi History - Swazi Kings, Queen Mothers and Royal Villages

King Ngwane III, first Dlamini to rule in Swaziland
Gave his name to the country: kaNgwane, ruled around 1750 from Zombodze I (near Nhlangano, in southern Swaziland today)
Queen mothers clan: Ndwandwe I Nxumalo

King Ndungunye, killed by lightning.

King Sobhuza I (Somhlolo), ruled c. 1810 -1839 "Founder Of The Swazi Nation"
Danced about 30 iNcwalas, firstly at Lobamba I in southern Swaziland, later at Lobamba II (at Mahlanya, half-way between Mbabane & Manzini) Regiment: Umlondolozi ("guardian")
Queen mothers clan: Simelane

King Mswati II, ruled 1846 - 1865, expanded Swaziland to twice its current size
Regiment: iNyatsi ("buffalo"), died aged about 38.
Danced 19 iNcwalas at Ludzidzini II (near Lozitha, 5 km. from Lobamba)
Queen mother: Thandile Ndwandwe I Nxumalo, daughter of KIng Zwide

Crown Prince Ludvonga II, died before becoming king
c.1855 - 1874, died aged about 19.
Never ruled & so never danced iNcwala; would have done it at Nkhanini II (behind Museum)
Queen mothers clan: Khumalo

King Mbandzeni
(Another son of Mswati II) regiment: iNdlavela, ruled 1875 - 1889, died aged about 32.
Danced 14 iNcwalas at eNkhanini II mothers clan: Nkambule (executed when he was a boy), adopted by Ludvonga's mother

King Bhunu, nearly lost his Kingship
Regiment: Ingulube ("wild pig"), ruled 1894 - 1899, died aged about 22
Danced 5 iNcwalas at Zombodze II (near Lozitha)
Queen mother: Labotsibeni (Gwamile) (clan: Mdluli)

Queen Regent Labotsibeni (Gwamile) Mdluli
Ruled 1899 - 1921 for grandson Sobhuza II. Sent him to school.

King Sobhuza II, "Paramount Chief" under British, led Swaziland to independence
Regiment: Umlondolozi ("guardian"), born 1899, ruled from 1921 - 1982, died aged 83.
Danced 61 iNcwalas at Lobamba III (one km. from Museum)
Queen mother Lomawa of Nxumalo 1 Ndwandwe clan

King Mswati III
Regiment: iNyatsi ("buffalo"), like his ancestor Mswati II. Born 1968, has ruled from 1986 to present.
Has danced 13 iNcwalas at Ludzidzini III (two km. from museum) Queen mother Ntombi of Tfwala clan

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