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Rock Paintings

Rock paintings attributed th the San (known as Bushman) have been identified by the SNTC in many parts of Swaziland, but predominantly in the western highveld areas. The paintings are similar in subject matter, style and colouring to the rock art of the Drakensburg and Lesotho.

Rock Painting

The paintings usually depict animals, people, hunting parties, battle scenes and dances.

  1. Nsangwini Rock Paintings
    These are found in the northern Hhohho region at Nsangwini under Chief Molwane Dlamini. These paintings have been vandalised and are deteriorating.
  2. Sandlane Rock Paintings
    These are found about 1 km from the Sandlane border post. The paintings are in reasonably good condition. Mrs Mntjali who lives close by looks after them on a voluntary basis.
  3. Dlangeni Rock Paintings
    These are found at Dlangeni and situated next to Shiyabedla Gama's residence. The paintings have at least two eland that are visible. The other animals have faded.
  4. Maguga Dam Rock Paintings
    Some rock paitings exist in this area. One of the paintings which would have been inundated by the dam will be rescued.
  5. Other rock paitings have been identified in the Ezulwini valley near Sheba's Breasts, Kuthandeni and Dlangeni, at Nkaba near the Lubuyane stream, on the banks of Mpetsane stream, near the Ngwempisane River at Ntfungula mountain, and in the vicinity of Gege.

A video documentary, funded by UNESCO, was put together on some of the more visible rock art sites, to document the culture of rock art in Swaziland, which maybe lost for ever.

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