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National Monuments

Monuments include places of scenic beauty, of rare flora and fauna, and of historical or cultural importance. Relics include ancient objects made by early inhabitants of Swaziland, such as pottery and metalware (often found by archaeologists), and Bushman paintings.

Monuments are of vital importance in educating the public on Swaziland's rich heritage, and are a source of national pride.

Current National Monuments

Site of King Bhunu's "murder enquiry", 1898, Manzini

Old Secretariat (currently DPM's Offices), Mbabane

Legco Building (first "parliament")(ex-Prisons HQ, now in ruins), Mbabane

Gilson's Place (ruins of first Police Commissioner's House), Mbabane

Mangwaneni Bush (indigenous trees), Mbabane

Mantjolo Pool - sacred to Mnisis, fenced by Royal Command, near Mbabane

King Sobuza II Memorial Park

Memorial Park

Map of the park
Preview of the park
History of His Majesty King Sobhuza II

Rock Paintings

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