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Swazi History
Swazi History
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Ethnography Section

Cultural Village | Natural History Wing

This section is responsible for the conservation, research, and exhibition of Swazi culture. A collection of artifacts from Swazi and other Bantu groupings is kept in special storerooms where objects are treated to enhance their lifespan. The artifacts are made available for both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Swazi culture is also illustrated in the living musem, the Mantenga Cultural Village

This section will be bringing you information on selected topics of Swazi culture. Our first topic is traditional attire.

Cultural information:

Swazi Culture - general information
Succession In Swazi Kingship
The Incwala Or Kingship Ceremony
The Umhlanga Or Reed Dance

The Swazi Homestead - Umuti | The Headman - Umnumzane
The Sangoma and the Inyanga | Traditional Food
Indlamu | Sibhaca Dance | The Swazi Warrior
Some Swazi Words

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