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SWAZILAND'S BIODIVERSITY: Swaziland's Invertebrates

Information on Swaziland's invertebrates is in general very poorly documented.

A provisional checklist for Swaziland's butterflies has been compiled with assistance from the virtual museum (SABCA), Chuck Saunders, Mark Williams, Steve Woodall, Christopher Willis and others. Swaziland Butterfly Checklist.

Information on moths is currently limited to checklists for Mlawula and Malolotja.

Swaziland's Arthropods

Subphylum Trilobitomorpha
 Trilobitatrilobites (extinct)    
Subphylum Chelicerata
 Arachnidaspiders, scorpions, etc.    
  ScorpionesscorpionsScorpions Checklist
  Opiliones phalangids, harvestmen or daddy-long-legs
  Pseudoscorpiones pseudoscorpions  
  Solifugae solfugids, windscorpions, sun spiders or camel spidersPhotos
Article about Solifugids
  Acari mites and ticks
  Palpigradi microwhip scorpions  
  Aranaea true spiders Swaziland's spiders
  Amblypygi blunt rump tailless whip scorpions 
Subphylum Myriapoda
 Pauropodasister group to millipedes    
 Symphylaresemble centipedes    
Subphylum Crustacea
 Branchiopodabrine shrimp etc.    
 Maxillopodabarnacles, fish lice, etc.    
 Ostracodaseed shrimp    
 Malacostracalobsters, crabs, shrimp, etc.    
  DecapodaBrachyuraPotamonautidaefreshwater crabsPhoto
Subphylum Hexapoda
   Thysanurasilverfish and firebrats  
    Odonatadragonflies and damselfliesSwaziland's Dragonflies
and Damselflies
    Hemipteralice, bugs, cicadasPhotos
    Hymenopterawasps, bees and antsPhotos
    Lepidopterabutterflies and mothsSwaziland's Butterflies
Moths: Mlawula, Malolotja
Moth Photos
    Megalopteraalderflies, dobsonflies and fishflies 
    Neuropteralacewings and antlionsPhotos
    Orthopteragrasshoppers, crickets and locustsPhotos
    Phasmatodeastick insectsPhotos
    Strepsipteratwisted-wing parasites 
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National Museum:
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King Sobhuza II Memorial Park:
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Malolotja Nature Reserve:
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Email: culturalvillage@sntc.org.sz
Mantenga Nature Reserve:
Tel: (+268) 2416 1151
2416 1178, Fax: 2416 1480
Email: culturalvillage@sntc.org.sz
Magadzavane Lodge
Mlawula Nature Reserve:
Tel: (+268) 2343 5108/9
Fax: 2343 5111
Email: magadzavane@sntc.org.sz