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SWAZILAND'S BIODIVERSITY: Swaziland's Fishes Checklists

Information from "An Annotated Checklist of the Freshwater Fishes of Swaziland", E.J. Hyslop, 1994, updated with information from Richard Boycott, 2006, incorporating information from the 2002-2003 fishes survey.

Nomenclature as per FishBase as at 05 July 2008. Images from South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity. Updated 05 July 2008 to include images and links.

(For more information and images, click on the name of each species.)

Mormyridae (Snoutfishes)

   Marcusenius macrolepidotus macrolepidotus (Peters, 1852)

   Petrocephalus wesselsi  Kramer and van der Bank, 2000
   (Southern Churchill)

Anguillidae (Freshwater eels)

   Anguilla bengalensis labiata Peters, 1852
   (African mottled eel)

   Anguilla bicolor bicolor McClelland, 1844
   (Shortfin Eel)

   Anguilla marmorata  Quoy & Gaimard, 1842
   (Giant mottled eel)

   Anguilla mossambica  Peters, 1852
   (African longfin eel)

Cyprinidae (Barbs, yellowfish, labeos)

   Barbus afrohamiltoni  Crass, 1960
   (Hamilton's barb)

   Barbus annectens  Gilchrist and Thompson
   (Broadstriped barb)

   Barbus anoplus  Weber, 1897
   (Chubbyhead barb)

   Barbus argenteus  Günther, 1868
   (Rosefin barb)

   Barbus bifrenatus  Fowler, 1935
   (Hyphen barb)

   Barbus brevipinnis  Jubb, 1966
   (Shortfin barb)

   Barbus eutaenia  Boulenger, 1904
   (Orangefin barb)

   Barbus motobensis  Steindachner, 1894
   (Marico barb)

   Barbus neefi  Greenwood, 1962
   (Sidespot barb)

   Barbus paludinosus  Peters, 1852
   (Straightfin barb)

   Barbus radiatus radiatus Peters, 1853
   (Redeye barb)

   Barbus toppini  Boulenger, 1916
   (East Coast barb)

   Barbus trimaculatus  Peters, 1852
   (Threespot barb)

   Barbus unitaeniatus  Gunther, 1866
   (Slender barb)

   Barbus viviparus  Weber, 1897
   (Bowstripe barb)

   Cyphnus carpio carpio Linnaeus, 1758
   (Common Carp)

   Labeo congoro  Peters, 1852
   (Purple Labeo)

   Labeo cylindricus  Peters, 1852
   (Redeye labeo)

   Labeo molybdinus  du Plessis, 1963
   (Leaden labeo)

   Labeo rosae  Steindachner, 1894
   (Rednose labeo)

   Labeo rubropunctatus  Gilchrist and Thompson, 1913
   (Redspotted labeo)

   Labeo ruddi  Boulenger, 1907
   (Silver Labeo)

   Labeobarbus maraquensis  (Smith, 1841)
   (Largescale yellowfish)

   Labeobarbus natalensis  (Castelnau, 1861)

   Labeobarbus polylepis  (Boulenger, 1907)
   (Smallscale yellowfish)

   Mesobola brevianalis  (Boulenger, 1908)
   (River sardine)

   Opsaridium peringueyi  (Gilchrist and Thompson, 1913)
   (Southern barred minnow)

   Varicorhinus nelspruitensis  Gilchrist and Thompson, 1911
   (Incomati chiselmouth)

Alestidae (Characins)

   Microalestes acudiens  (Peters, 1852)
   (Sharptooth tetra)

   Brycinus imberi  (Peters, 1852)
   (Spot-tail )

   Hydrocynus vittatus  Castelnau, 1861
   (Tiger fish)

Schilbeidae (Butter catfishes)

   Schilbe intermedius  Rüppell, 1832
   (Silver catfish)

Amphiliidae (Mountain catfishes)

   Amphilius natalensis  Boulenger, 1917
   (Natal mountain catfish)

   Amphilius uranoscopus  Pfeffer, 1889
   (Stargazer mountain catfish)

Clariidae (Air-breathing catfishes)

   Clarias gariepinus  (Burchell, 1822)
   (North African catfish)

   Clarias ngamensis  Castelnau, 1861
   (Blunt-tooth Catfish)

Mochokidae (Squeakers, suckermouth catlets)

   Chiloglanis anoterus  Crass, 1960
   (Pennant-tailed suckermouth/rock catlet)

   Chiloglanis bifurcus  Jubb and Le Roux, 1969
   (Incomati suckermouth/rock catlet)

   Chiloglanis emarginatus  Jubb and Le Roux, 1969
   (Phongolo suckermouth)

   Chiloglanis paratus  Crass, 1960
   (Sawfin suckermouth/rock catlet)

   Chiloglanis pretoriae  Van der Horst, 1931
   (Shortspine suckermouth)

   Chiloglanis swierstrai  Van der Horst, 1931
   (Lowveld suckermouth)

   Synodontis zambezensis  Peters, 1852
   (Brown squeaker)

Salmonidae (Trouts)

   Oncorhynchus mykiss  (Walbaum, 1792)
   (Rainbow trout)

   Salmo trutta trutta Linnaeus, 1758
   (Brown Trout)

Centrarhidae (Black basses and sunfishes)

   Lepomis cyanellus  Rafinesque, 1819

   Lepomis macrochirus  (Rafinesque, 1819)
   (Bluegill Sunfish)

   Micropterus dolomieu  (Lacepede, 1802)
   (Smallmouth Bass)

   Micropterus punctulatus  (Rafinesque, 1819)
   (Spotted bass)

   Micropterus salmoides  (Lacepede, 1802)
   (Large mouth Bass)

Cichlidae (Cichlids)

   Chetia brevis  Jubb, 1968
   (Orange-fringed largemouth)

   Oreochromis macrochir  (Boulenger, 1912)
   (Longfin tilapia)

   Oreochromis mossambicus  (Peters, 1852)
   (Mozambique tilapia)

   Pseudocrenilabrus philander philander (Weber, 1897)
   (Southern mouthbrooder)

   Serranochromis robustus jallae (Boulenger, 1896)

   Serranochromis robustus robustus (Günther, 1864)
   (Yellow-belly bream)

   Tilapia rendalli  Gilchrist and Thompson, 1917
   (Southern Red breasted Tilapia)

   Tilapia sparrmanii  Smith, 1849
   (Banded tilapia)

Gobiidae (Gobies)

   Awaous aenofuscus  (Peters, 1852)
   (Freshwater goby)

   Glossogobius callidus  (Smith, 1937)
   (River Goby)

   Glossogobius giurus  (Hamilton Buchanan, 1922)
   (Tank Goby)


Synonyms include name changes as well as re-identified species, previously quoted in Hyslop, 1994.

Nomenclature as per FishBase as at 05 July 2008.

Updated 05 July 2008 to include images and links.


Bills, R., Boycott, R., Fakudze, M., Khumalo, N., Msibi, J., Scott, L., Terry, S. and Tweddle, D. 2004. Fish and Fisheries Survey of Swaziland (2002 - 2003). Investigational Report No. 70. South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity. Grahamstown. South Africa.

Hyslop, E. J. 1994. An Annotated Checklist of the Freshwater Fishes of Swaziland The Conservation Trust of Swaziland.

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