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Swaziland's Biodiversity

Swaziland Red Data Books

Red Data Books contain information on threatened species of an area. Various categories of threatened species have been used in different areas, but in 1994 the IUCN compiled standardised red list categories, to provide for an easily and widely understood method for highlighting those species under higher extinction risk, so as to focus attention on conservation measures deesigned to protect them.

The preparation of Swaziland's Red Data Books is a project that has been carried out by the SNTC as well as various private individuals, with support from the Swaziland Conservation Trust and The Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The first steps in this project were the compilation of species checklists. To date, this project has published species checklists for birds and reptiles and amphibians of Swaziland. Checklists for flora, butterflies and moths, fish and mammals are currently being prepared.

Some information is available on threatened species:

Swaziland's Threatened and Endemic Plants

Priorities for conservation of avifauna in Swaziland

For information on the Endangered Wildlife Trust's Blue Swallow Working Group, a red data book species, go to

Streptocarpus dunnii    Streptocarpus dunnii

Strelitzia caudata     Strelitzia caudata

Swaziland's Flora

Swaziland's Fauna

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