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Opuntia stricta Haw.
erect prickly pear, common prickly pear, Araluen pear, common pest pear, sour prickly pear, Australian pest pear
Invasive, Problem species
Origin: North America and West Indies (Florida, Texas and Cuba)
Growth Form: Shrub
Plant Description: Plant: Spreading, much-branched, succulent shrub 0.5–1.5(–2.0) m high; cladodes green to bluish-green, flattened, longer than broad (up to 230 mm X 100 mm); spines up to 40 mm long, usually one or two in a group, or absent. Leaves: Minute, early deciduous. Flowers: Yellow, showy, large, up to 70 mm long, November–January. Fruit: Red turning purple, succulent berries, ± 50 mm long, outer surface smooth, typically narrowed at the base, flesh purple inside, sour tasting.
Key Features:
Control: chemical control such as MSMA and glyphosate, biological control with cactoblastic and conchineal
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Rob Mackenzie, Swaziland's Alien Plants Database

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Rob Mackenzie, Swaziland's Alien Plants Database

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Rob Mackenzie, Swaziland's Alien Plants Database

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