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Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi var. acutifolius Engl.
Brazilian pepper, Christmas berry, schinus, Florida holly, Brazilian peppertree, South American pepper
Invasive, Potential problem species
Origin: South America
Growth Form: Tree/shrub
Plant Description: Plant: Evergreen shrub or tree 3–6(–15) m high, with wide-spreading, horizontal branches. Leaves: Dark green with prominent pale veins above, paler below, glabrous; leaflets (5)–7–(13), oblong, rounded or bluntly pointed, sometimes serrated; rhachis distinctly winged. Flowers: Creamy-white, very small, male and female flowers on separate trees, in tightly branched, terminal and axillary clusters, September–March. Fruit: Bright red, slightly fleshy, one-seeded, globose drupes.
Key Features:
Control: physical methods, basal stem treated by herbicides
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Photo - fruit/leaves

Stephen D. Hight, USDA ARS

Photo - plant

James P. Cuda, University of Florida

Photo - fruit/leaves

The Weeds Society of Western Australia

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