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Toona ciliata M.Roem.
Australian redcedar, toon tree
Invasive, Potential problem species
Origin: Asia (Indomalaysia to Australia)
Growth Form: Tree
Plant Description: Plant: Semi-deciduous tree 10–35 m high, forming a wide, rounded crown with drooping foliage. Leaves: NBright green, glabrous, even-pinnate, leaflets entire (except in young plants), odourless when crushed, proximal lateral veins on lower surface without axillary pockets (as opposed to Cedrela odorata). Flowers: White or yellowish (A), 5 mm long, fragrant, in pendulous sprays, September–March. Fruit: Green turning brown, delicate, five-valved, woody capsules (B) ± 20 mm long, splitting open and the valves breaking off; seeds winged at both ends (winged only below in C. odorata).
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Comments: Suspected/Possible
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Greig, D. © Australian National Botanic Gardens

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