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Acacia longifolia (Andrews) Willd.
Sydney golden wattle, long leaved wattle, langblaarwattel, sallow wattle, Port Jackson acacia
Invasive, Potential minor problem species
Origin: South East Australia and Tasmania
Growth Form: Tree/shrub
Plant Description: Plant: Unarmed, evergreen shrub or spreading tree 2–6(–10) m; stems usually have spherical outgrowths or galls (caused by an introduced wasp); the galls are green turning brown, replacing flower and leaf buds. NB Galls are smooth as opposed to knobbly in Acacia pycnantha. Leaves: Phyllodes, bright green, up to 180 mm long, with 2–5 prominent longitudinal veins. Flowers: Bright yellow, cylindrical flowerheads up to 50 mm long and 7 mm wide, in the axils of the leaves, July–September. Fruit: Pale brown pods, beaked apically, constricted between the seeds.
Key Features:
Control: use of gall insects, which reduces seed set
Comments: problem plant along riversides
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Photo - flowers/leaves

Fagg, M. © Australian National Botanic Gardens

Photo - trees

Unknown photographer © Australian National Botanic Gardens

Photo - flowers/leaves

The Weeds Society of Western Australia

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