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Acacia baileyana F.Muell.
Bailey's wattle
Invasive, Potential minor problem species
Origin: South East Australia
Growth Form: Tree
Plant Description: Plant: Small, unarmed, evergreen tree 3–6(–9) m high; branchlets and foliage covered with a greyish or bluish powdery bloom. Leaves: Greyish or silvery-blue, sometimes tinged purple; spirally arranged around the branchlets, bipinnate, small, 20–50 mm long, with 2–3(–4) pairs of pinnae; a gland occurs at the junction of each pinnae pair or only the top few pinnae pairs. Flowers: Bright yellow, globular flowerheads in large, showy sprays, July–September. Fruit: Greyish-brown pods.
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Comments: Suspected/Possible
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Photo - flowers/leaves

Greig, D. © Australian National Botanic Gardens

Photo - plants

Lyne, A. © Australian National Botanic Gardens

Photo - flowers/leaves

Fagg, M. © Australian National Botanic Gardens

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