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Achyranthes aspera L. var. aspera 
(Achyranthes aspera)
devils horsewhip, rough chaff flower
Invasive, Minor problem species
Origin: Obscure -possibly Africa, now pantropical
Growth Form: Herb
Plant Description: Plant: Erect to sprawling, pubescent, sub-woody perennial up to 2 m high, with striate branches and a long tap root. Leaves: Dark green above, paler below, broadly elliptic to ovate-lanceolate, up to 80 mm x 50 mm, densely to sparsely pubescent, veins prominent below. Flowers: Greenish-white, small, deflexed when mature, in terminal pinkish spikes up to 250 mm long; outer floral segments (perianth) are sharp-pointed, December–April. Fruit: Straw-coloured, surrounded by the spiky perianth, about 5 mm long; pointed downwards and pressed against the flowering stalk; seeds brown, shiny, 3 mm long.
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