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Pistia stratiotes L.
Water lettuce
Unknown, Swaziland Status Unknown
Origin: South America (Brazil).
Growth Form: Aquatic herb
Plant Description: Plant: Perennial, mat-forming, usually free-floating aquatic plant, seldom exceeding 150–200 mm in diameter; plants consist of a rosette of leaves with a tuft of long, fibrous roots beneath and resemble floating lettuces. Leaves: Pale yellow-green, narrower at the base, rounded, straight or notched at their tips, ribbed, with many longitudinal veins radiating from the base, softly hairy on both surfaces. Flowers: Pale green or white, inconspicuous, February–May(–all year). Fruit: Small, green capsules.
Key Features:
Control: Biological: Effective agents available. Chemical: Herbicide.

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