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Aleurites moluccana (L.) Willd.
candlenut, Indian walnut
Unknown, Potential minor problem species
Growth Form: Tree
Plant Description: Tree 10 m tall or more, bark gray-brown to blackish; leaves and inflorescence with a mealy-scurfy whitish to light brown indument; leaves simple and ovate or trilobed or rarely 5-lobed, or sublanceolate, or subdeltoid, acute at apex, rounded, truncate, or subcordate at base, 3-5-nerved from the base, midrib thereafter pinnately branches; blades mostly 10-20 cm long, on an equally long slender petiole; 2 glands at junction of blade and petiole; flowers small, greenish-white, in panicles, male and female on same plant; panicles 10-15 cm long, many-flowered, terminal; petals pubescent, elliptic-spathulate; stamens of unequal lengths; ovary pubescent; fruit globose or bi-globose, 1-2-seeded, olivaceous, glabrescent, 4-6 cm long, indehiscent, with bony endocarp and oily seeds
Key Features:
Comments: Suspected/Possible

Photo - fruit/leaves

Fagg, M. Australian National Botanic Gardens

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