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Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet subsp. purpureus 
hyacinth bean, lablab, Egyptian kidney bean
Unknown, Potential minor problem species
Origin: Old World tropics
Growth Form: Herb
Plant Description: Twining climber; leaves trifoliolate; petioles 6-26 cm long; rachis and petiole up to 30 cm; leaflets entire, thinly pubescent, acute-acuminate, 5-15 cm long and wide; terminal leaflet ovate-rhombic, angulate; lateral leaflets asymmetrical; peduncle 5-30 cm long; flowers several together; calyx finely pubescent; tube 4-5 mm long, upper lip 3 mm; corolla violet or whitish; standard to 14 mm long, 20 mm broad; pod oblong, flattened, up to 12 cm long, beaked at tip; seeds 3-5, dark brown or pale tan or white, often speckled, hilum white, linear.
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