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Amaranthus hybridus L. subsp. hybridus  var. erythrostachys Moq.
Unknown, Minor problem species
Growth Form: Herb
Plant Description: Annual herb, erect or less commonly ascending, up to 2 (-3) m in cultivated forms, but much less in spontaneous plants, not infrequently reddish tinted throughout. Stems stout, branched, angular, glabrous or thinly to moderately furnished with short or long multicellular hairs (increasingly so above, especially in the inflorescence). Leaves glabrous, or thinly pilose on the lower margins and underside of the primary nervation, long-petiolate (petioles up to 15 cm but even then scarcely exceeding the lamina); lamina broadly lanceolate to rhomboid or ovate, 3-19 (-30) x 1.5-8 (-12) cm, gradually narrowed to the blunt to subacute mucronulate tip, attenuate or shortly cuneate into the petiole below. Flowers in yellowish, green, reddish or purple axillary and terminal spikes formed of cymose clusters, which are increasingly closely approximate upwards, the terminal inflorescence varying from a single spike to a broad much-branched panicle up to more or less 45 x 25 cm, the ultimate spike not infrequently nodding; male and female flowers intermixed throughout the spikes. Bracts and bracteoles deltoid-ovate to deltoid-lanceolate, pale and membranous, acuminate and with a long pale to reddish-tipped erect arista formed by the stout excurrent yellow or greenish midrib; bracteoles subequalling to much exceeding the perianth. Perianth-segments 5, lanceolate or oblong, 1.5-3.5 mm, acute-aristate or the inner in female sometimes blunt, only the midrib at most greenish. Stigmas (2-) 3, erect, flexuose or recurved, more or less 0.75-1.25 mm. Capsule subglobose to ovoid to ovoid-urceolate, 2-3 mm, circumscissile, with a moderately distinct to obsolete beak, lid smooth, longitudinally sulcate or sometimes rugulose below the neck. Seed black and shining, or pale, compressed, 0.75-1.25 mm, almost smooth centrally, faintly reticulate around the margins.
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