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Nassella trichotoma (Nees) Hack. ex Arech.
Nassella tussock
Invasive, Potential problem species
Origin: South America (Argentina and Uruguay)
Growth Form: Graminoid
Plant Description: Plant: Densely tufted, perennial grass up to 0.6 m high; mature tussocks droop and appear as though they have been lain on (tussock in flower, and without flowers. Leaves: Leaves fine, bristly, harsh to touch downwards. Flowers: Open, loosely branching, at maturity standing well clear of the leaves, but soon detaching and leaving the plants free of inflorescences for most of the year, August–January. Fruit: Seeds, each held in purplish, asymmetric bracts; a single ± straight, unbranched awn 20–30 mm long arises laterally from each seed.
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Comments: Suspected/Possible
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