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Lilium formosanum A. Wallace
St. Joseph's lily, Formosa lilly
Invasive, Problem species
Origin: Asia (Taiwan)
Growth Form: Herb
Plant Description: Plant: Bulbous herb; stems 1.5(–2.0) m high, purplish-brown towards the base, usually ± rough-hairy. Leaves: Dark shiny green, scattered, narrow, 5(–10) mm wide x 75–200 mm long, linear to narrowly oblong. Flowers: White, flushed with reddish-purple outside (rarely pure white), white inside, narrowly funnel-shaped, 120–200 mm long, fragrant, usually 1 or 2 (up to 10), borne horizontally on stalks 50–150 mm long; nectary-furrows bordered with hairs and warts; filaments papillose towards the base; pollen yellow; January–March. Fruit: Capsules, 70–90 mm long.
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Comments: Suspected/Possible
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