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Nicotiana glauca R.C. Grah.
wild tobacco
Invasive, Minor problem species
Origin: South America (Southern Bolivia to Northern Argentina)
Growth Form: Tree/shrub
Plant Description: Plant: Slender, evergreen shrub or small tree up to 6 m high; blue-green all over and sometimes with purplish tints; can form dense stands along riverbeds after floods. Leaves: Blue-green, leathery, on long petioles, blades up to 200 mm long x 120 mm wide on young growth. Flowers: Yellow, tubular, 30–50 mm long, in terminal drooping clusters, all year. Fruit: Brown, four-valved capsules ± 15 mm long; seeds minute.
Key Features:
Control: control when small
Comments: Suspected/Possible
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