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Pyracantha angustifolia (Franch.) Schneid.
Invasive, Potential problem species
Origin: Asia (South West China)
Growth Form: Shrub
Plant Description: Plant: Evergreen shrub 2–4 m high with stiff, spiny branches; young shoots covered in thick, yellowish down; spines woody, sharp-pointed and bear leaves. Leaves: Dull dark-green above, grey-downy beneath, narrowly elongate, margins entire and rolled under and leaf tip with a small notch, permanently downy beneath. Flowers: White, calyx downy, ± 5 mm long, October–December. Fruit: Orange-red or orange-yellow berries, 5–8 mm across; immature fruits are greyish downy.
Key Features:
Control: chop out by hand while small
Comments: Suspected/Possible
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