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Populus x canescens (Ait.) J.E. Sm.
grey poplar
Invasive, Potential problem species
Origin: Europe and Asia
Growth Form: Tree
Plant Description: Plant: Deciduous or semi-evergreen tree 1020(35) m high, suckering freely; bark white or grey with horizontal dark lines becoming rough and darker with age; buds and twigs thinly downy. Leaves: Dark green and shiny above, grey- or white-woolly to green and smooth beneath; leaves of sucker shoots and ends of long shoots: large, to 120 mm long, triangular, evenly toothed, not or shallowly lobed, woolly beneath; leaves of short shoots: smaller, 3060 mm long, ovate, bluntly toothed, becoming almost glabrous beneath. Flowers: Reddish catkins (male only), 60 mm long, spring. Fruit: None.
Key Features:
Control: large tree should be ring-barked or felled and the entire root system removed
Comments: Suspected/Possible
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Populusx canescens
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