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Opuntia monacantha 
drooping prickly pear
Invasive, Potential problem species
Origin: South America (Brazil to Northern Argentina)
Growth Form: Tree/shrub
Plant Description: Plant: Succulent shrub or tree up to 5 m high, often with a definite trunk, usually with a large, much-branched top and drooping upper segments; cladodes flattened, usually thin, appearing wilted, bright green and shiny at least when young; longer (100–300 mm) than broad (50–100 mm); spines 1–2(–3) per group (on the trunks up to 12), 30–70 mm long. Leaves: Minute, early deciduous. Flowers: Yellow, outer petals with red markings; 70–90 mm long; October–April. Fruit: Reddish-purple, obovoid, about 60 mm long; long persistent, sometimes proliferous.
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