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Senna bicapsularis (L.) Roxb.
Invasive, Potential minor problem species
Origin: South America and West Indies
Growth Form: Shrub
Plant Description: Plant: Glabrous shrub, often scrambling or climbing, 1.5–3.0(–9.0) m high. Leaves: Green, margins yellow; leaflets in (2–)3 pairs (compare with S. pendula), obovate, elliptic or oblong-elliptic, 9–32 mm long, tips rounded; petiolar gland absent; rhachis with a gland between lowest pair of leaflets only. Flowers: Yellow (smaller, and with brown veins more clearly marked than in S. pendula); pedicels of open flowers less than 10 mm long (compare S. pendula); axillary racemes 60–120 mm long, numerous towards ends of branches; May–October. Fruit: Pods, brown, ± straight, cylindrical, ± inflated, rounded at apex, septate, 50–60 (–150) mm long.
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