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Adiantum raddianum C.Presl
Maidenhair fern
Unknown, Minor problem species
Origin: South America
Growth Form: Herb
Plant Description: Airy, graceful fronds, dark wire-like petioles, fan-shaped pinnules. Leaves triangular, to 20 cm long and wide, 3 to 4 pinnate, pinnules ca 5 mm across. Rhizome short-creeping, branched, clothed with dark brown, lance-attenuate, entire scales to 0.8 mm long. Fronds close, erect-arching, glabrous, mostly 15-45 cm long, stipes dark reddish-brown to blackish, naked, equalling or exceeding the blades. Blades deltate or lance-ovate to broadly ovate, to 30 cm broad (usually less), 3- to 4-pinnate; pinnae and pinnules stalked; ultimate divisions cuneate-flabellate, symmetrical or not, not articulate, the sterile margins with each vein ending in a small notch or sinus. Sori solitary or few on each ultimate pinnule; indusoid flap pale or whitish, more or less orbicular-reniform.
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