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Pinus elliottii Engelm.
slash pine
Invasive, Problem species
Origin: North America (South Eastern USA)
Growth Form: Tree
Plant Description: Plant: Coniferous tree 1530 m high, with a dark green, open crown of modest spread, free of branches to a considerable height. Leaves: Needles, dark green; in bundles of two or three, coarse and stiff and crowded at ends of branchlets. Flowers: No description available. Fruit: Yellowish-brown, 60140 mm long; cone scales end in a blunt, grey prickle 12 mm long (as opposed to P. taeda with a sharp, recurved thorn 67 mm long).
Key Features:
Control: ring-bark, fell or treat large trees with soil acting herbicides, seedling and saplings can be uprooted when the soil is moist
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Photo - leaves

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