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Macfadyena unguis-cati (L.) A. Gentry
cat's claw creeper
Invasive, Potential problem species
Origin: Central and South America (Mexico to Argentina)
Growth Form: Climber
Plant Description: Plant: Vigorous, evergreen, woody-stemmed, tendril climber with tuberous roots, up to 9 m or higher. Leaves: Bright green, with two leaflets and a terminal, three-parted, claw-like tendril; leaflets lanceolate to oblong, 25–80 mm long, margins entire to slightly wavy. Flowers: Bright yellow, trumpet-shaped, up to 80 mm long x 100 mm wide, axillary, solitary or in clusters of two or three, September–February. Fruit: Brown, leathery capsules, flattened, to 300 mm or longer and 12 mm wide, splitting open to release many papery, winged seeds.
Key Features:
Control: leaf-feeding beetle introduced as bio-control agent
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