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Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) De Wit
Invasive, Problem species
Origin: Tropical America
Growth Form: Tree/shrub
Plant Description: Plant: Unarmed shrub or small tree up to 4 m high; branchlets densely grey-hairy. Leaves: Dark green, often grey-hairy, 70–150 mm long, drooping. Flowers: White or pale yellow, in globose heads, borne singly or in groups of two or three in the leaf axils, July–March. Fruit: Brown pods, 110–180 mm long, ± straight, flattened but raised over the seeds, in distinctive clusters, splitting into two non-recurving halves.
Key Features:
Control: cut down the plant and dig out the roots
More information:
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Photo - flowers/leaves

William M. Ciesla, Forest Health Management International

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