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Oryza sativa L.
rice, wild rice, red rice, upland rice, domestic rice, paddy rice
Unknown, Unlikely to be problematic
Origin: Asia
Growth Form: Graminoid
Plant Description: An erect summer annual that may reach 32 inches in height. Leaves: Mature leaf blades are from 12 to 24 inches long and 7 to 20 mm wide. Leaves have auricles and also have a long (15 mm) membranous ligule that is triangular in outline. Some hairs occur in the collar regions. Stems: Sheaths are tufted and without hairs except in the collar regions. Flowers: Seedhead is a loose panicle, often somewhat drooping, reaching a maximum length of 8 inches. Panicles consist of many spikelets that are 7 to 10 mm long and 2 to 2 1/2 mm wide. Identifying Characteristics: The presence of auricles and tall membranous ligule are both characteristics that help in the identification of red rice.
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