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Erigeron karvinskianus DC.
Mexican daisy, seaside daisy, Latin American fleabane, Santa Barbara daisy, fleabane
Unknown, Potential minor problem species
Origin: Mexico
Growth Form: Herb
Plant Description: Sprawling perennial herbs usually forming dense clumps; stems numerous, decumbent to weakly erect, slender, usually 1-3 dm long, branched, glabrate to sparsely pubescent. Leaves linear to elliptic, entire to dentate or shallowly lobed, the lower ones often oblanceolate and 3-lobed, 1-4 cm long, 0.1-l cm wide. Heads solitary, 4-9 mm in diameter; involucral bracts in 3 series, linear, 3-6 mm long; ray florets 75-100 or more per head, rays white, becoming pink with age, 9-10 mm long; disk florets numerous, corollas yellow. Achenes pale brown, ca. 1 mm long.
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